Trico Capital supports Prof Wole Soyinka's "Bringing Brazil back to Lagos" Cultural heritage 2013 Festival.


The Black Heritage Festival aims to bring together both Brazil and Nigeria, in a series of events which encourage participation on an intellectual and cultural level.

Since Brazilian culture is heavily influenced by elements of Yoruba culture, such as Candomble’ religious practices and Orixas, the organisation of the Black in the Mediterranean Blue, or the 2013 edition of the BHF, will actively seek to inform and educate Nigerians on the cultural similarities between the two countries.

Last year’s festival was mainly focused on exploring the culture of Italy, and the festival still retains the same name. Though the Black in the Mediterranean theme is still recurrent, this year’s festival will see a range of activities which form a crucial part of everyday Brazilian and also Nigerian culture.


An official conference was launched at Freedom Park, which saw Prof. Soyinka disclose the pivotal points for celebration in this year’s BHF edition. The poet laureate, winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize for literature, also divulged a series of information on the principal activities which will take part in the event.

Prof. Soyinka outlined the importance of Yoruba culture in Brazil, and outlined the striking similarities between the two countries, on a number of aspects. He also spoke of Nigerian youth, and how educating them about these similarities is essential:

"Our children do not understand why we have people who practice Nigerian cultures in Brazil, all they know is that in Brazil they have blacks who are descendants of slaves from Nigeria. They are astonished to see traditions of the Yoruba on streets of places such as Salvador during carnivals"

Main Activities

As mentioned, the festival will celebrate a number of activities which will seek to actively involve all participants. Since both cultures are rich and colourful, the event should provide a memorable experience for all, and remain etched in people’s minds for some time.

Activities will include drama, and various design activities to stimulate intellectual and creative processes, along with a Video and Film showing. There will also be photo expositions, music, painting and much more. The celebrations will last for a total of seven days, which will see both Badagry and Lagos filled with a vibrancy and colour typical of both Nigerian and Brazilian cultures.

There will also be performances from Thobias de Vai Vai, singer, actor, former leader of Carnival Brazilian and president of the samba school Sao Paolo Vai-Vai. This performance will part of an inaugural event, and will help introduce the festival’s main recurring theme. As a past director for samba events, Thobias de Vai Vai will provide a great insight into traditional Brazilian music.

The events will promise entertainment for all, but will also serve to instruct, and remind both young and old, of the importance of African cultures present all over the world.

African Private Sector support for Brazil/Lagos Cultural heritage

Although it was initially difficult to find sponsorship for the festival, a number of African corporate sponsors funded this ground breaking African Brazilian cultural heritage exchanges. Prof. Soyinka – World’s leading cultural advocate of bringing back Brazil’s roots home to Africa, closed the festival - commending the good example of private public partnership in the sponsorship of the Brazilian group. Prof was visibly excited at the cultural cohesion of the Brazilian community in Lagos and the Sao Paolo Vai Vai Samba group. The ultimate reality symbolism came with the tears from the Brazilian group visiting the Slave port of Badagry off Lagos and the noisy African religious ceremony bonding the Brazilian community in Lagos with the visiting Brazilian samba group – a fitting way to round up the festivals in Lagos.

The Lagos government will still sponsor the festival in the future, but the availability of a number of corporate sponsorship partnership will ensure its continued success. The Bring Brazil back to Lagos Samba event major sponsors were OCIC and its partners - Trico Capital International Limited (TCIL). Austine Ometoruwa – TCIL’s Chairman and OCIC’s Director Salim Hanein were special guests, commending in their speeches the vision and cultural passion of Prof Wole Soyinka and the government of Lagos State for the Bringing Brazil Back to Lagos cultural heritage initiative.

Trico Capital supports Prof Wole Soyinka's

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