Austine O. Ometoruwa

(Founding Executive Chairman : Trico Capital International Ltd. / Trico Capital Nigeria Ltd.

Has been in international banking for all of his working life, based mainly in Nigeria/Egypt, interspersed with assignments in London and the US.

After graduating with a First Class B.Sc degree in Finance from the University of Lagos Nigeria, he began his career as a Credit and Marketing Analyst for Chase Manhattan Bank in Lagos, before moving on to the Bank of Boston/NAMBL as General Manager in their Lagos, London and Boston offices. Thereafter, he held Strategy Consulting role with Standard Bank of South Africa (Stanbic Nigeria) in Lagos; was the first Nigerian Executive Director on the Board of Citibank Nigeria in Lagos with West Africa product responsibility interfacing London and New York, before being appointed CEO - Regional Director of Corporate Project Finance and Investment Bank, Citigroup Middle East North Africa (MENA) in 2001, operating in Cairo, New York and London. He left Citigroup in 2007 to found as its pioneer President and CEO, the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), Africa's first development financial international institution, which is based in Lagos.
Trico Capital International Limited, which he founded in 2009, is designed to provide a financial advisory and infrastructure/natural resources platform for purely African development, focusing on sustainable projects that respond to and solve African problems, leveraging African resources.

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Investment for sustainable, private enterprise, infrastructure and self-financing projects in West Africa

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